Webinar #2 - Understanding the Disease: Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Global Populations

Webinars #1 and #2 provide information that allows audience members to better understand COVID-19 and its impacts. Webinar #2 focuses on the broader impacts to populations and society.
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Webinar #2 - Understanding the Disease: Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic on Global Populations


May 06, 2020, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Starts 10 AM Local Time San Francisco, USA

Proposed Agenda

Welcome and Introductions

Summary Overview of the Disease:  Impact of Coronavirus on the Human Body & COVID-19 Transmission Patterns

Options for Reducing Transmission Rates & Ensuring Public Safety

  • Personal Protective Measures
  • Building-Related Exposure Mitigation Techniques
  • Collective Mechanisms to Reduce Community Exposure: Masks, Social Distancing, and System-Wide Shutdowns
  • Targeted Mechanisms for Pandemic Containment from Testing, Contact Tracing and Tracking to Surveillance and Strategic Quarantines

Decision-making Amid Uncertainty: Evaluating the Consequences of Protective Actions

Communication Strategies: Best Practices for Communicating Disease Risks

  • Explaining Risk to the Public
  • The Importance of Empathy
  • Panic and Uncertainty in the Absence of Information
  • Providing Context: Comparing COVID-19 Disease Risk to Other Well-Known Hazards

Roundtable Discussion and Q&A

Conclusions and Next Steps


NOTE:  The agenda above is subject to change, especially as our collective knowledge of the impacts of the pandemic improves. A final agenda will be posted here no later than May 1. All webinars will be recorded and made available after the live broadcast.

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