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Time Zones Around the World

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The 8:00 AM start time corresponds to the following times zones around the world:

8:00 AM    →    San Francisco, California, USA

9:00 AM    →    Denver, Colorado, USA

10:00 AM  →    Chicago, Illinois, USA

11:00 AM  →    New York City, New York, USA

12:00 PM  →    Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brazil

4:00 PM    →    London, UK

5:00 PM    →    Brussels, Belgium

6:00 PM    →    Moscow, Russia

7:00 PM    →    Dubai, UAE
8:30 PM    →    New Delhi, India

10:00 PM  →    Jakarta, Indonesia

11:00 PM  →    Beijing, China

12:00 AM  →    Tokyo, Japan *

1:00 AM    →    Sydney, Australia *


* The Following Day

PLEASE NOTE:  We tried to schedule the live webinars for maximum reach. We appreciate that the late-night start time is not optimal for our colleagues in east Asia and the Pacific. The good news is that you can watch all the webinars as recordings at any time of the day after the live broadcast has ended.

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