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Vichara Partners focuses on the following five practice areas which all serve to support sustainable business:
Sustainability Sustainable Business C-Suite CEO

Before businesses can become sustainable, they must first understand and appreciate how unconventional non-market variables may affect their business operations, products, supply chains and customers. Vichara provides training geared toward prime decision makers. We teach the basics of sustainability - helping you and your organization see the value and possibilities of a new way.

Risk Assessment Business Impact Stakeholder Supply Chain

Confronted by a new challenge, a new regulation or a new demand from your stakeholders? Feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of your supply chain? Trying to identify threats to your business? Vichara delivers results. We conduct impact assessments that help you determine where the risks reside in your business. We show you where your next opportunity may be hiding.

Business Development New Venture EHS Regulatory Compliance High Tech Manufacturers

Are you expanding your business or starting a new venture? Companies looking to supply EHS or regulatory compliance products and services to high tech manufacturers often need to understand how the industries operate. Our experts possess deep knowledge about the challenges faced by your potential clients. Visit Vichara as your first step in business development. 

Stakeholder Engagement Facilitate Change Corporate Culture Sustainable Business

Trying to change corporate culture? Introduce a new program or campaign? Address stakeholder concerns? If you need to engage your staff, your business partners, your customers or external stakeholders but you are not quite sure who should be involved or how to proceed, Vichara can help. Our team has decades of experience bringing together diverse stakeholders and facilitating conversations for the greater good.

Collective Action Coalition Industry Association Professional Semiconductor Manufacturing Sustainable Business High Tech

Facing a challenge that cannot easily be solved by your company alone? Wanting to bring together a coalition to address industry-wide concerns? Vichara facilitates the conversations that are important to your business. We work with industry associations and professional societies to develop strategic plans to meet your collective needs.

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