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For more details on the SESHA / Vichara Partners Workforce Development Initiative, please download the following document: 


A Strategic Plan to Develop the Next Generation of an EHS Workforce for High-Technology Industries


Vichara Partners is assisting SESHA in the creation of a workforce development strategic plan which is comprehensive enough to address the fundamental obstacles facing the industry, but also pragmatic enough to be implementable.

Three different activities will be undertaken: surveys to assess the situation, a series of discussions to explore solutions, and the formation of a multi-stakeholder committee to further develop alternatives.

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Vichara Partners will conduct an assessment of the state of the profession,  bring together stakeholders from other organizations, and take the lead in facilitating a series of important conversations.

To ensure a well-crafted plan, we are actively engaging volunteers from SESHA as well as representatives from trade and industry associations, professional societies, academia, research institutions and government. Please join us!

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