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Vichara Partners Sustainable Business Consulting High Tech Manufacturing Global Focus

Why Work with Vichara Partners?

We are committed to your success. We know that the challenges confronting your business are complicated. We understand the complexity of high-tech manufacturing and global supply chains.


We have firsthand experience working with regulators around the world, conducting risk assessments, communicating complex concepts to multi-cultural audiences, and engaging internal and external stakeholders in difficult conversations. 

Sustainable Business is Our Specialty

Your company encounters many different, and frequently competing, constraints. It is difficult to balance financial, social and environmental risks, responsibilities and opportunities. Sustainable business is the process by which companies set and achieve business objectives based on traditional economic and technological variables as well as non-market social and environmental concerns. Including these "outside the box" issues in corporate decision-making can strengthen business operations, improve products and increase sales.

Vichara Partners understands that companies often need someone to support them in deep analysis of the non-market variables that may affect their businesses. Our founders have extensive expertise in business, environmental policy, public health, science and engineering.

We can help you make your business processes more effective, efficient, profitable and sustainable - improving not only your bottom line, but also the quality of life for the people living in the communities where you operate as well as the health of the planet.

Our Focus is Global

Many business crises arise due to the complex, global nature of manufacturing, supply chains and customers. Corporate problems don't stop at borders. So, why should the solutions?


Vichara Partners strongly believes that a global perspective is the foundation of any strong strategic plan. When you work with us, you will receive a plan that takes the rest of the world into account.

Innovation is Key

Vichara Partners focuses its attention on companies and industries that are innovative and open to change. Why? Because a robust sustainable business requires questioning conventional business models, thinking beyond the current paradigm, and incorporating social and environmental values into corporate decision making.

Innovation can come in many forms. In our estimation, high technology industries are innovative by design. You and your company are on the leading edge. Let us take you further!

What We Offer

Advice, support and guidance that will help you:

  • Understand the non-market variables affecting your business,

  • Analyze potential threats,

  • Identify new opportunities,

  • Engage your stakeholders in meaningful dialogue, and

  • Take collective action to overcome challenges.

Our specialty is bringing you solutions that not only benefit your business, but also the world.


We'd love to work with you!



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