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Webinar #10 - Market Impacts: Global Market Outlook Across the Entire High-Tech Sector

Webinars #7 through #10 allow audience members to better understand the impacts of the pandemic on high-tech markets. Webinar #11 examines the global market outlook across the entire high-tech sector.

11 - Market Outlook - Square.jpg

Date and time to be determined.

All webinars will be recorded and made available after the live broadcast. 

Proposed Agenda

I.  Welcome and Introductions


II. Roundtable Discussion: Panel members will engage in a robust discussion      looking at likely scenarios for how COVID is impacting and will continue to        impact the high-tech sector over the course of the next several months to        years. The discussion will explore multiple factors affecting pandemic-              related market impacts including, but not limited to:


  • Corporate Decision-Making

  • Changes in Customer Demand

  • Employee Safety

  • Facilities Operations

  • Supply Chain Disruptions


III. Conclusions and Next Steps

NOTE:  The agenda above is subject to change, especially as our collective knowledge of the impacts of the pandemic improves. 


Coming Soon ...

Registration & Discounts

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